Hands on CQB

Going “hands on” in Close Quarter Combat environment CQB is reality you should prepare for.

When closing the distance to defend an assault becomes the better option, it’s important to know how to control your adversary. This is why it’s crucial to diversify your self-defense “tool belt”.

As a Jiu-jitsu instructor at Devine Jiu-Jitsu Lake Geneva, its natural for Instructor Derek to incorporate these techniques in his firearms training.

Here’s an example of a student performing a wrist lock takedown from the standing position.

Please keep in mind these techniques can be dangerous even in a matted dojo, so use caution and learn from an experienced instructor before attempting to perform a technique.

Here’s a video by BJJ Fanatics with Márcio “Macarrão” Stambowski demonstrating some wrist lock techniques.

The Most Deadly Jiu Jitsu Wrist Locks For The Street (Self Defense) by Márcio “Macarrão” Stambowsky

It comes down to maintaining a balanced skill set practiced often enough to become reactionary through your muscle memory.

Here’s some more images of Instructor Derek going over certain aspects of clearing a residential structure.

Do not attempt these techniques on your own. Having genuine guidance and supervision to ensure the safety of all participants is the most important factor and should be done with the help of experienced instructors.

Instructor Derek is self-defense instructor located near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin just south of the Illinois border. You can learn more about Instructor Derek by visiting his website www.instructorderek.com