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About Us

Welcome to Devine Jiu-Jitsu Lake Geneva

The Origins of Devine Jiu-Jitsu

Master Scott Devine | III Degree Black Belt

Devine jiu-jitsu Lake Geneva is an affiliate of the Devine Jiu-Jitsu organization. Master Scott Devine has been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over 30 years. Scott Devine has earned his 3rd-degree black belt under Grandmaster Relson Gracie (9th-degree black belt).

A Brief History of our Lineage…


In 1925, the Gracie family opened the first Jiu-Jitsu academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taking the first steps in what would be a worldwide revolution that would change the face of martial arts, fighting and self-defense forever.  Working with the roots of Japanese Ju-Jitsu / Judo that they learned, the Gracie brothers (most notably Hélio Gracie) transformed the traditional Japanese martial art into the most effective form of self-defense and fighting in the world – emphasizing leverage and technique over speed and coordination, such that the art could be effective for people of all sizes.


Devine Jiu-Jitsu has its roots in the Gracie lineage when Master Scott Devine received his black belt under Relson Gracie in 2003 and started the first Devine Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Brunswick, GA. Devine Jiu-Jitsu is a independent jiu-jitsu martials arts academy .

A two year study conducted by the NCBI found many beneficial factors for personal development, especially children.

Social Development

Instructor Jamie

Instructor Jamie, a U.S. Navy Veteran in 2020 decided he wanted to give back to the military veterans, especially what Jiu-Jitsu has done for him and his life. Jamie’s passion for helping veterans through tough times by sharing his experiences and how to combat these daily struggles. Jamie, unfortunately, had to start his next chapter abruptly when he learned he had to move to Texas in 2021 because of career changes. Instructor Jamie passed the reigns to his assistant Instructor “Instructor Derek” who helped create the original Devine Jiu-Jitsu Lake Geneva.

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We have 50 basic ground moves and 100 standing that we've deemed to be the tenants of Jiu Jitsu. Every class we go over anywhere from 2-4 techniques from both standing and ground. The class can be taken with/without a traditional gi. Safety and hygiene are paramount in our classes.

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All students will be supplied with a student check in card and a waiver is signed before anyone steps on the mat. We also help all new students with purchase suggestions on equipment, soaps, overall Jiu-Jitsu hygiene tasks, rash guards, GIs etc

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Devine Jiu Jitsu was established in 1988. We have over 20 schools lead by 37 black belts with a combined knowledge of some 500 years. LEO, DOD, DOJ, FBI, AIR MARSHALS, former, future and current MILITARY PERSONNEL etc fill our upper ranks.

Our Testimonials

What they saY

Changed my life. When everything else in my life felt like it was falling apart, jiu-jitsu gave me a positive and healthy outlet which ultimately began to help me with putting the pieces back together.

Jeff Sperandeo Student

Devine Jiu-Jitsu is ran very well by trained and professional instructors. Throughout your time with this group, you will learn you will need to not only protect yourself in the real world, but also in an athletic and competitive world. For me its been a journey that has been nothing I've ever done before and slowly changed my outlook and mentality in my everyday life. You become more empathetic and not to judge a book by its cover. I would highly recommend Instructor Derek to anyone looking for a positive transformation in life.

Kyle Tripp Student

Veterans & First Responders


*DISABLED VETERANS DISCOUNT – A Disabled Veterans discount will be applied to your tuition when you sign up for classes. Your discount is your disability rating from the VA. Please provide a copy of your rating when you sign up. For example, a Disabled Veteran with a disability rating of 100% will pay $0 in tuition fees. FIRST RESPONDER DISCOUNT (FIRE, LEO, EMT, ER personnel) will receive a 20% discount off tuition cost.