Eddie Eagle & Firearm Safety for Children

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The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program that for over 30 years has helped keep kids safe. The program was developed by a task force made up of...


The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program that for over 30 years has helped keep kids safe. The program was developed by a task force made up of educators, school administrators, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, clinical psychologists, law enforcement officials and National Rifle Association firearm safety experts. It began in 1988 with one mission: teach children four simple, easy to remember steps so they know what to do if they ever come across a gun. In 2015 the NRA introduced a fresh, new Eddie and added some friends—his Wing Team. Though Eddie has evolved, his mission has not. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Eddie and his friends are still focused on telling children that if they see a gun, they need to Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up.

You talk about stranger danger, Internet safety, fire drills and more with children…so why not include gun safety? The program makes no value judgments about firearms, no firearms are ever used, and it covers an important topic that needs to be addressed with kids. Like swimming pools, electrical outlets and matchbooks, firearms are simply treated as a part of everyday life. With firearms found in about half of all American households, it’s a stance that makes sense.

A special kid-friendly webpage, called The Eddie Eagle Tree House is also available. This experience allows children to discover Eddie’s video and lesson individually, or it provides an interactive element for groups and families to talk through together. Visit www.eddieeagle.com to learn more.

Neither Eddie nor any members of his Wing Team are ever shown touching a firearm, and there is no promotion of firearm ownership or use. The NRA does not make any sort of profit off the program, nor does it intend to. The goal of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is to help prevent accidents and keep children safe.

Meet Dr. Lisa Monroe

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program instructor guides were created by early childhood curriculum specialist Dr. Lisa Monroe of the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Monroe’s accolades and accomplishments span for more than two decades, including multiple published works, presentations and grant projects. After a thorough review, she stands behind the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program as something that should be taught in schools. Dr. Monroe shares her thoughts on Eddie Eagle and the accompanying instructor guides she created in three testimonial videos: 

About the Curriculum

Dr. Lisa Monroe created the Eddie Eagle curriculum guides with discussion questions and activities that allow teachers to cater the program to their students’ needs while still emphasizing the main safety message. Both parent and educator guides are available for age groups ranging from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.

Creating a Message that Resonates

With five different characters and personalities represented, our hope is that all children will be able to see themselves represented in the Wing Team. Other relatable themes such as friends, sports, problem solving, peer pressure and doing the right thing make the Eddie Eagle video a teaching tool that children will latch onto and remember.

Advice for Non-Gun Owners

Even though you don’t own a gun, you may know someone who might. And it’s imperative that you prepare your children so they know what to do if they ever find a gun.

Talking to Other Parents

There are lots of questions when meeting new parents: Do you have a swimming pool? Will you be home? Any food allergies? But often it’s not the norm to discuss if there are firearms in the home. The moms share some advice on how to address this delicate topic.

The Eddie Eagle Video

Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team encounter a gun in a place that they didn’t expect. Eddie helps his friends decide what to do to stay safe by reminding them of his favorite song. The Wing Team makes the right choice, but they still have some questions about gun safety. So they look to adults they trust for answers. Pre-k through fourth grade children will find this video engaging with its catchy songs, dance moves and entertaining dialogue-but most importantly, they’ll know what to do if they ever come across a gun.

So before taking off today, let me introduce you to Eddie Eagle and his gun safety tips.