Instructor Derek

"Train like your life depends on it"

Firearms & Self Defense Expert

Located in Genoa City, Wisconsin Just North of the Illinois Border

Instructor Derek is a nationally recognized and certified firearms instructor with the NRA. Instructor Derek shares his skills, experiences, and techniques with students just beginning to learn and understand firearms up to advanced shooters. Mixed Martial Arts is the foundation of Instructor Derek’s instruction with particular focus in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jijitsu. Instructor Derek also volunteers his time helping youth train and learn firearm safety with Balog Combat Systems and the Eddie Eagle Campaign developed by the National Rifle Association.

Self Defense Classes

Firearms & Martial Arts

Why I Carry a Gun

My wife knew something was amiss when the car blocked our driveway. She was outside our house, playing with our kids on our trampoline, when a car drove slowly down our…

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Firearm Safety

This is the most basic safety rule. If everyone handled a firearm so carefully that the muzzle never pointed at something they didn’t intend to shoot, there would be virtually no firearms accidents. It’s as simple as that, and it’s up to you.

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Depending on schedule, attempts to hold monthly, quarterly and yearly self-defense/firearms courses such as Firearms Safety, Concealed Carry (Wisconsin & Illinois), Carbine Fundamentals to Advanced, and the NRA (Eddie Eagle) Firearm Safety for Children.

Private lessons with Instructor Derek are also available upon request, please contact train@instructorderek.com with your request or questions about what type of lessons would be optimal.


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